Body Surfing



When “zombies” go to the beach, do they body surf?


Do they just lurch around and try to eat people like usual?


6 responses to “Body Surfing

  1. I think when they get to the beach they hang out with all the vampire dudes from Lost Boys and the bank robbers from Point Break and sing Michael Jacksons “Thriller”. But I could be wrong because I’m never up at nights.

  2. Then what would they do when they go online 😦 ?

  3. Mental Mist: I guess zombies could be “body surfing” porn sites online too! 🙂

  4. If and when I run into a beach zombie, I’m just gonna do like they did in “Sean of the Dead.” It’s kinda like “playing possum” only you “play zombie.” Cause somehow the undead know not to eat each other. So I would just lurch around with my hands straight out, moaning, and THEN body surf!

  5. I’ve read the zombie survival guide. I’m prepared.

  6. Oh yeah! Sushi!

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