Tooth Fairy

In Japan there is no Tooth Fairy.
The upper teeth are thrown on the ground outside the family home.
The lower teeth are thrown up on to the roof.

No one has given me a reasonable explanation for this.

To be fair, I’ve only asked 7 year olds so far.

The idea of a tooth fairy is kind of creepy when you start to think about it. Someone visiting you while you sleep and taking away the tooth you have left under the pillow as an offering.

But hey, free money!

If only there was an ear wax or dirty underwear fairy.

2 responses to “Tooth Fairy

  1. If you are actively testing these alternate fairy theories, remind me to bring my own pillow next time I sleep over.

  2. haha! I’m only at the theoretical stage; no testing yet.

    for the record: These are not my real teeth. I took them from under people’s pillows, and didn’t leave any money!

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