Stephen King Novels


note: a lot of “Maine” characters die usually.

9 responses to “Stephen King Novels

  1. I like Stephen King books. I’m gonna start IT soon.

  2. I like “It”, but loved “Tommyknockers” and “The Stand” 🙂

  3. I don’t read him but had a lot of his books in my home.
    I was suppose to find what they were worth and sell them for a family member.

    If it traveled to Maine, I don’t think I’d start reading him his books there.
    I’d probably just stick to my blogs.

  4. I’m afraid to have any Stephen King books in my home.

  5. ehhm…. Not only would I not read him his books, but I wouldn’t read them to myself either.

  6. the green mile was cooollll

    I liked the shining

  7. L. A. Borguss

    I am still trying to get through Duma Key,..I have to take it slow as it is a bit confusing in the beginning as it starts out making too many references to another story that seems to nothing to have to do with the Duma Key story,..I am mssing something here??

    Anyway,..I have really become to like Edgar, even though he seems to be a grouchy ole guy, but his love for his younger daughter is truly touching and I also feel a bit sorry for him because his life took such an awful turn,..well,..I am going back to check on Edgar and Big Pink,..


  8. I have to admit… I love his work.

    I think he’s great for the most part.

  9. true true true, luv em n e how!

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