Japanese Toilets

Japanese toilets are great!

They are just regular sit down affairs, but the toilet seat is high tech. Minus an ejector seat or machine gun turrets, if James Bond’s Q made a toilet, it would look like this.

Special Features:

–  heated toilet seat; great in winter.

– a bidet/washlet that sprays water to wash your….. stuff.

– when you sit down the toilet makes a water trickling sound, just in case you need encouragement; or to cover the sound of your own trickling water.

The way the tank fills is pretty cool too. There is a small fountain and basin on the tank lid. When you flush, you can wash your hands with the water that refills the tank. Very water efficient.

If you come to Japan, be sure to use a toilet at least once!

note: that’s not crap on the wall in the photo.

4 responses to “Japanese Toilets

  1. My chum is going to Osaka, Japan next semester to study their language. Wonder how he’ll like the “facilities?”

  2. He will be “sitting pretty”.

  3. I have seen these toilets up close at the large mall I frequent that caters to the Japanese ex-pats. They scare the hell out of me — and they cost $600 for the deluxe model!

    I am reminded of the episode of the Simpsons in which the family travels to Japan. Homer goes into the bathroom, the toilet lid slowly opens and says “I am honored to accept your waste!”.

  4. Jimsmuse: Yes, they are pretty expensive. I was lucky; mine came with the house. I think there are some that do urine analysis now. Seriously!

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