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Arcade Game Zombies



Why do all the arcade games have people killing zombies?

Arcade game makers must be Zombists or something.

I want to play an arcade game where I have to run away from zombies and hide.

I think I’d be pretty good at that one.

note: It’s the time of the season when she’s not there if you tell her no.

double note: if I see zombies, I’m hightailing it to the nearest arcade to git me some firepower.

triple note: those arcade zombie guns aren’t an effective weapon against children. I’ve tried.


Body Surfing



When “zombies” go to the beach, do they body surf?


Do they just lurch around and try to eat people like usual?




Too Much Time


I walked by a mirror and didn’t see my reflection.

It was very freaky!

Maybe it was a window.
I’m not too sure.



I don’t know about you, but driving through a city called Bottleneck might not be the best idea!



If I had a delicatessen, I’d call it The Psycho Deli.

Maybe I’d have a blackvelvet poster and a lava lamp somewhere.


Pets as Gifts

I don’t think it is a good idea to give a pet as a gift.


I usually give 2 pets: a male and female rabbit!

just to be safe.


I Want To Be A Webler!

web log = weblog = blog

Why isn’t it “webl”?

I’d rather webl and be a webler!

Turn Signals

I want up and down turn signals on my car: just in case.


Pirates of the Caribbean

I don’t care how good the movies are; the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland sucks.


Christmas Carols

People in the Southern Hemisphere are pretty good sports about Christmas Carols.



When I was younger, I was a lot shorter than I am now.



Let’s put the “fun” back in “funeral”!



Has anyone ever broken their jaw on a jawbreaker?




Rules are made to be broken.

except in sports.

There’s video replay now!



I’m waiting for the j-pods to come out!


Zombies are a Dying Breed

If everyone were cremated…..

I guess there would be no more Zombie movies!

That would suck.