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My Birthday!

It happens once a year like Easter or Christmas, but earlier!

Another year less newer than the year before. I think I lost the new car smell long ago and am acquiring an odor something more reminiscent of my father.

I will spend the rest of 2009 as 44 I guess.  “Be 44 in ’09” is this year’s slogan. It was going to be “Save the Earth until You’re Green” , but I don’t think that’s as catchy … or has any significance for other people.

44: it’s not a bad thing … or a good thing … it’s just a thing like that funny Volkswagen car, the rock guy in the Fantastic Four, and the monster in some John Carpenter movie. (I forget the name of that movie all the time)

My friends really outdid themselves this year!


my new house

They came over to my place on the evening of January 4th.

I've waited ... 44 years for this!

We did the big countdown with the clock on my Ferris wheel like we usually do.

fireworks for me?

We lit off a few fireworks: a couple of screechers, a pack of sparklers, and a roman candle … from Rome I guess!


too many candles!!

My friends gave me a birthday cake that looked like a street scene. I guess they were making up for last year’s cake that looked suspiciously like a cupcake. They put on a candle for every day I’ve been more or less alive too!


my frontyard

Then we looked at a picture of Yokohama’s downtown area.


always a big crowd

In the morning, some of my other friends came to wish me happy birthday.


there is always one in a crowd!

Kelly Pettit  showed up in the hat I bought him for Christmas.


Meiji Shrine is rented for the occasion

My friends rented Meiji Shrine in Tokyo for the occasion. I guess they didn’t want a repeat of my bad Cheap Trick karaoke from last year’s birthday at the Budokan.

give till it hurts

Everyone threw money in to the big white area and made wishes for my health and junk like that. The policeman wore a visor so he didn’t get coined in the face. I don’t get any of the money though: it all goes to “The Charity For People Who Need Money So They Can Donate To Charity Too“.

are you sure your pockets are empty?

Here’s what it looked like from the side. If the policeman heard change jingling in pockets, he sent the people back into the crowd again until they didn’t jingle anymore.

And that was all that happened. If I’m lying may G…  Ow!


note: I was going to list a bunch of other famous people who are 44 or were at one time, but that kind of stuff changes from day to day … and probably would be more than 100 names.

double note: past 14 birthdays; after that it gets a bit foggy.

2008: work
2007: went to an “all you can eat” meat restaurant in Brazil and then had ice cream afterwards.(also in Brazil)
2006: on a long distance bus trip with hemorrhoids in Argentina. (I had the hemorrhoids, not the bus)
2005: work
2004: work
2003: work
2002: work
2001: work
2000: in England at my buddies place; He even gave me a Wallace and Gromit cake with those little sheep on it!! 
1999: work
1998: drunk in Indonesia
1997: drunk in Thailand
1996: drunk in New Zealand
1995: probably sober and in Victoria, Canada I think! (in Victoria, Canada for sure)



Good Deeds

amazing curved escalator

Sometimes I perform random acts of kindness … or as I say … “random kinds of actness” which sounds like a type of acne or something, but I say it anyway.

Yesterday while walking through a crowded shopping center I spotted a rogue balloon sticking to the ceiling with a father longingly looking up at it  and a son sadly looking at the limp string in his hand.

I stopped, jumped up, retrieved the balloon for them, and walked away.

This seemed to make them quite happy.

I guess I should have popped the balloon so it wouldn’t happen again.


note: Why is it called “blowing up a balloon” when it doesn’t pop?

double note: photo of the amazing curved escalator in Landmark Tower Yokohama. I’ve blogged about this amazing escalator  before.


amazing curved escalator other side