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A student drew a picture of me while waiting around for another student to show up for class.
She started with the hair, then drew a line … that I thought were eyebrows, and then she drew the eyebrows!!!

Kids are pretty observant.

The other kid showed up for class, so I don’t know if she observed my wrinkly shirt as well.


note: kids are brutally honest … or honestly brutal.

double note: today’s word is “Shiwa” or wrinkles.

triple note: I don’t teach an art class.


It’s amazing how a line turns into a crease which turns into a wrinkle and then becomes a furrow … on a human face.

That’s quite a feat! … or crows’ feat at least.


note: a lot of lines on the face should be considered a “murder of crows’ feet“.

double note: some people’s faces look like maps to places I haven’t visited yet.

triple note: lines are just lazy squares.

quadruple note: are there any plastic dental surgeons? … and do they melt on hot days like those plastic surgeons do?

quintuple note: dentists should work in “Toothspitals“.

sextuple note: I was a plastic bagman for the mafia … or maybe that was at the recycle center.

octuple note: the photo has nothing to do with the entry. It’s just a van that has been parked at this location since at least 1998. I consider it Art, but I don’t know what the owner named it.


Today #93

Today I didn’t kill anyone … again!

The Blue Monkey #11



The Blue Monkey predicts:

In our lifetime  face wrinkles will be eliminated.

Some people will buy wrinkle cream just to be retro.



The blue monkey is a lesser oracle who predicts what may happen, not what will happen. He has studied many different disciplines on his path to enlightenment, including: using ouija boards, reading horoscopes, counting cherry pits, blowing out birthday candles, opening fortune cookies, pulling wishbones, watching Kung Fu reruns, listening to the weatherman, twisting apple stems, and shaking the Magic 8 Ball. All behold the blue monkey!

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