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I do like wrestling!

Why do you ask?


note: this is what happens when dogs lose bets.

double note: I think this dog would like to disown its owner.

triple note: when I asked to take the photo, the owner made sure the mask and outfit were all straightened and tidy.

quadruple note: I’d hate to see how their kids are dressed.

quintuple note:

“How does it feel to be wearing that outfit in public?”







I bet trainspotters were really disappointed with the movie.

note: I bet heroin addicts are disappointed with that wrestling show Smackdown too.

double note: If heroin addicts were boatspotters, they’d be looking for the old Chinese ones.

triple note: My friend is a planespotter. I keep asking him why he sits around at the airport watching planes when he could be at home watching TV.

quadruple note: I could keep going on about this, but I’ve got a train to watch.


Extremes Meet At The ???


At the extreme ends of the height chart are golden invitations to join the circus or wrestling.

Just ask giants and midgets.

note: I guess everyone else is just a “gidget“.

double note: I would have used “little people” but then I couldn’t have added the above note.

triple note: planetross’ Plan B: run  away and join the …        just run away!


Arm Wrestling



Are there “armpit crews” at arm wrestling events?

That support team position would stink!

note: What’s the difference between “wrestling” and “rastling” besides bad pronunciation and spelling?

double note: I think I have “mosh armpits“.


Wrestling Coat Hangers Again

It’s a sunny Saturday morning and I am listening to the steady dripping sound of snow melting off the roof.

 I was just on my balcony hanging up a load of laundry: in Japan dryers are not very common.

 14 shirts this week! it must be a record!!

 I can’t wait until my socks are done.

 Stay tuned….

 Oh Yah!

 I wrestled with coat hangers too.