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Tale Of A Nose


If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.

… unless it involves pulling out a nose hair

… because that shit hurts.


note: very cool stuff by Kazu Harada/automatamaker here: http://nizo.jp/gallery_e.htm

I saw his stuff at the Matsumoto Craft Fair at the end of May. Very cool!

 double note: Kazu Harada’s very short youtube videos here:
(if you like cool handmade crank stuff)


triple note: I like this one the best … but I’m anal:



Today #38

Today was all cone and very little ice cream.

The Nose Holder

Who ever thought of this design for holding glasses is a genius!

Can you think of other body part designs for holding body part items?

note: images of Lee Marvin in Cat Ballou pop into my head everytime I look at this.

double note: Woody Allen‘s Sleeper pops into my head too: “We must assassinate the leader’s nose.

triple note: this has nothing to do with “My Experiment”: no hair will eventually grow out of the nose’s nostrils.





When I think life has become too routine, I remind myself that I am really a sleeper agent for a foreign power.

The monotonous cycle I am in is only an act to leave the enemy thinking I am just another worker bee drudging my life away chasing some carrot on a stick.

And one day I will answer the call of the parentaland and live in a world of intrigue, espionage, and some other French word used in English.

It’s not true of course, but sometimes I have to use any kind of bullshit fantasy to get through a boring day.

note: When “sleeper agents” are activated do they get a “wake-up call“?