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Stocking Up


Christmas stockings are like dead crows;

they are only good hanging up for decorative purposes.


note: as a kid I didn’t have a stocking with my name on it, I had to use the one with my older brother’s name on it. I always worried that on Christmas morning the stocking might be full of Playboys, cigarettes, and whiskey instead of toys and candy.
I don’t worry about that stuff now.

double note: has anyone ever worn out a Christmas stocking?

triple note: it would be pretty freaky to find a foot at the bottom of a Christmas stocking!!!
… unless that’s what you wanted.


Today #99

I wrote out my Christmas Wish List today: Kim Jong-il, Robert Mugabe, co-worker, …
I mean my Christmas Hit List.

French Food



A person I know claims to have made French food last night.

On further investigation I realized that the meal was classified as “French” because wine was involved.

I guess I’ve been enjoying a lot of Scottish cuisine lately.

note: mini-bars are so ethnically diverse.

double note: If I mix vodka with sambuca, is that fusion cooking?