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Circular Argumentative


Some people start running around in circles early in life.


note: there are circles … and then there are circles.

double note: it took about 10 minutes to catch this kid by himself in this circle in Yokohama station.  … Maybe it would have been easier to catch him in a triangle, if there was one that I didn’t see.
I had time … the girlfriend was in the bathroom … I think I was suppose to be watching her bag … or something important like that.

triple note: It kind of looks like a mushroom top … like in a video game … not the ones sold in supermarkets.

quadruple note:vicious squares” are a bitch too!


Today #220

Today on a Tokyo subway line, the guy across from me was wearing jeans, a white t-shirt, and a black vest … and then another guy came in and sat beside him in the same outfit … and then another guy came in dressed the same as the other two and stood close by them.
I was in a planetross t-shirt and green shorts … I didn’t see anybody else like that though.