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Sometimes I think, “Why am I here?”

And then I think if I was never here, I could never say
You had to have been there.” to somebody.

because really … that’s the best thing to say
… when someone wasn’t there.


note: if other people were never here, I’d probably think about them … because they sure wouldn’t. People who were never here never think about themselves: … they are pretty selfless.
I don’t know anyone like that though … for some reason.

double note: I don’t want to go to the “hereafter“; but I’d happily go to the “everafter“.

triple note: I found the kernel of this idea hiding in my drafts from 8 months ago. I don’t know what I was thinking then … some things never change.

quadruple note: I’m officially over my limit for uploading photos on WordPress. I will have to pull out my credit card and get an upgrade for the next post.


Today 165

Today the kid that puked on my rug last week brought me a baumkuchen cake  as an apology offering.




I’ve got a pretty strong system. I don’t “regurgitate” my food very often.

but to be fair …

I don’t think I usually “gurgitate” my food in the first place.

note: shouldn’t a medical dictionary be called an “afflictionary“?

double note:

Herring gull chicks peck at a red spot on their parents’s bill to induce their parents to regurgitate food.

Planetross punches drunk friends in the stomach to induce his friends to regurgitate food.