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Trivial Bets


Don’t you love trivial bets?

No money involved … just your absolute certainty up against someone else’s absolute certainty.

Before the answer is discovered, you can …

trashtalk and browbeat each other severely.

list all the reasons why you are correct and why the other person is wrong  … although that never seems to persuade the other person.

question the other person’s mental health for being so misinformed.

make exaggerated “I can’t believe you think that!” facial expressions along with verbal chastisements like “You’ll see!” and “You are so wrong!” and “How can you live!“.  (that last ones my favourite)

… and once the answer is looked up and verified … because no one admits defeat without a second opinion, the winner basks in glory for about 5 seconds before the loser tries for redemption with another trivial question.


note: a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing … but little bits of knowledge is okay.

double note: it’s getting more difficult to go through the entire arsenal of taunts now that Google is around.

triple note:crib” isn’t trivial … I was just dusting off the board in preparation for the arrival of my crib playing sister and thought it was a good visual aid to do with scoring points.