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I thought I would try and save a bit a gas by drafting behind this big truck.

I was going uphill at 25 km per hour in 3rd gear.

I bet I saved at least enough gas for 2 or 3 run ons!


note: Formula One sounds like a baby food to me.

double note: I finally got my left turn signal fixed! I was getting kind of tired of turning right all the time.

triple note: The turn signal problem was bad, but when I had no brake lights was a lot worse.

quadruple note: Is the plural of formula “formuli“?   or is that just for spatula/spatuli?

quintuple note: I think my van isn’t in the same equation as formula one.

sextuple note: Is it “Formula” or “For Moola“?  $$$$

septuple note: Racing went down hill after The Wacky Racers.