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Wishing Wells, Well Wishings, and Well … Wishing


A tunnel is just a really crappy hole.


note: well diggers don’t screw up and make tunnels … that’s why they are called well diggers … because they are that good.

double note: I’m sure a tunnel digger digs well … metaphorically speaking.

triple note:

if you dig a deep enough hole, eventually it will turn into a tunnel … and there will be light at the end of it.
… but only if you go straight*.

*triple note note: … and it’s daytime.

quadruple note: to be fair … a hole is just a really crappy tunnel too.


what I’m listening to now #56: Tom WaitsWay Down In The Hole

Tunnel Vision



Having tunnel vision in a tunnel is probably a good thing.


note: having cave vision would be batty.

double note: a cave is just a lazy tunnel.

triple note: I have cavemannerisms.


notes to myself #186

We never get tired of watching The Great Escape.

Taste Buds

not my digestive system.


I’m glad I don’t have taste buds all through my digestive system:

eventually everything would start tasting crappy.


note: my taste buds never bloom.

double note: someone who cuts in front of me at the buffet table is a taste budinski!

triple note: I don’t have any good photos of my digestive system, so here is a tunnel instead. If this tunnel was my digestive system, I think my van would be corn … because it’s really moving.

quadruple note: I debated over using “shitty” or “poopie” instead of “crappy“, but the best I felt was crappy at the time: “poopie” was my number two choice.



The Tunnel


There is an 11 km long tunnel near my place.

I usually only drive through it in the summer when I make the 2 hour trip to the nearest beach.

Tunnels affect drivers in different ways: some people keep a constant speed, some slow down, and some speed up.

I’m a speeder!

One way traffic, no cops, and the slight claustrophobic effect makes me press that pedal down.

What do you do in tunnels?

note: I must have tunnel vision.