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I'm in the middle of the road!


dut dut dut dut dut dut dut dut dut dut dut …

I think I might have a flat tire.


note: Who keeps denting my van? It must happen while I’m parked in parking lots!




slow down


Are traffic cones/witches’ hats called “pylons” because they “pile on” top of each other to form a nice stack?

… or is it only me that thinks this?


note: I had to know, so I looked it up . I have been misinformed all these years.

double note: I don’t think I’m wrong about “smores” (I want some more), but …
rollmops” (take strips of pickled herring and roll ’em up around a pickled baby onion) and “gesunder” ( a bedpan that goes under the bed) I’m not too sure about.



Hopefully a Long Time from Now

The only thing I remember from my father’s funeral was watching the hearse drag a traffic cone the entire way from the church to the cemetary. Quite a feat since it was an hours drive. I was fascinated with that traffic cone. I wasn’t the only one: all of my brothers and sisters clearly remember it too!

I asked a tombstone engraving person: How many people can you stick in a funeral plot?
The answer: one burial and two internments (at least in Canada).
I started thinking about how many of my relatives have been buried and concluded that if I want to be interned I have a lot of choice!!
I have to be quick!

Limited room available!!!

I don’t want to be interned.
I want my ashes scattered some place I have visited and loved: Easter Island, Machu Picchu, Uluru (Ayers Rock), Komodo Island, …
My sister has offered to scatter me, but only if I pay for the trip (and maybe some money for shopping).

My sister is so caring.