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The Circle Of Life


As a kid, I used to think about how great it would be to be an adult.

As an adult, I think about how great it would be to be a kid again.

I don’t know what really old people think about though,
… but I’m sure eventually I’ll think of something.


note: I don’t really want to be old … I want to be the oldest!

double note: if I get to be an old man, … I definitely won’t be yours.

triple note: if I get to be an old man, hopefully I’ll be a funny old man … but not in that way.

quadruple note: I bet Gary Oldman is ready for the eventual jokes.

quintuple note: sure a satellite dish is circular, but I’m not sure about the life that comes with it.

sextuple note: people with TV seem to be overly remotely concerned.

septuple note:The grass is always greener … if you have green glasses
(I don’t know why people choose those rosey ones)


Today #174

I’m glad I’m not The Incredible Hulk today, because I wouldn’t have any Tuesday students left … that’s for sure.

Thinking Of Speaking … Or Speaking Of Thinking


I didn’t think of anything stupid today.
I said some stupid things though.
… and then wrote them down.

That “think before you speak” stuff could really cause this blog to suffer.


note: running out of ideas is very droughtful.

double note: I’m off for the weekend to parts unknown … to a lot of people, but I know them quite well and am going anyway.


Today #75

I told you what happened today above: I don’t chew my cabbage twice!





I can’t stop thinking about lust.

I wish I had more envy … especially yours.

I can’t consume enough gluttony.

I’m indifferent about sloth.

I hate wrath … it makes me angry.

I can’t get enough avarice.

Your lack of pride is contemptible.


note: I was going to use “greed” instead of “avarice” but I needed another vowel.

double note: why aren’t there “the 7 okay once in a while sins”?