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The Bee

I'm not farting! It's natural!

As I sat in the outdoor hotbath, a bee flew into the pool.

It madly beat its wings in a desperate attempt to escape back in to the sky.

As the only witness to the bee’s life and death struggle, I had a choice to make: I could do nothing and watch it die, or I could rescue it.

I chose to rescue it.

I carefully scooped it out of the water and lay it in the sun.

It dried itself, flew into the next hotbath pool, and died shortly after.

It really is a question of “to bee or not to bee” for all living things.

For this bee, it was “not to bee”.


note: Being a native in an old Tarzan movie really is Shakespeare!

double note: Who bee’d in the pool?

triple note: I hope in its last few seconds of consciousness the bee thought, “I don’t think that guy is going to come over here.

quadruple note: What a has been!