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The Trump Card

Mr. Burns eats worms


 Isn’t it nice to possess the trump card once in a while?

No matter what anyone says, wants, or tries to extract from you; you have the final say.

I usually try to be fair when I hold the trump card, … I know on another day another person will have it.

It’s just nice to see the look of realization spread across a person’s face when they finally know what I know.

Ahhh! The trump card
 it’s like a childhood dinner at home: take it or leave it.


note: hey! I’m paying less rent now!

double note: I also enjoy the look on a “supposed” trump card holder’s face when I remove myself from the deck they are playing with.

triple note:my newest new experiment” is up and running.




When someone questions my integrity, I usually say, “Why are you talking about my underwear?“.

Oh! I call my underwear “integrity“.

I thought you knew that.

note: my old underwear were called “decency” and “evidence” but I don’t have a shred of those left.

double note: my new underwear are fine; thanks for asking.






Have you ever “Googled” your name?

No, me neither.

note: I’m sure if I did, there would be a bunch of cool stuff about … a bunch of people with the same name as mine, people with similar names minus a letter or two, people with my name reversed, or obituaries about dead people.

double note: you are just way out of luck if your last name is Google: maybe there is something on page … a billion.


Money Making Scheme #2

I’m going to market birthday playing cards.

Birthday cards and playing cards are both popular, why not enjoy them together?

One card a year for 51 years! It’s a foolproof plan.

Some people will collect anything anyway.


note: maybe in the 52nd year I will sell a rule book or a joker or something.

double note: If you missed Money Making Scheme #1, it’s still here.