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Please Share My Umbrella


Technically, anywhere a bus stops … is a “bus stop”.


note: if I’m on a moving bus, I consider it  a “bus go“. I don’t need a sign to tell me.

double note: my favourite bus is either the Charlestown Chiefs‘ bus in Slapshot or The Partridge Family one. Do you have a favourite bus? … everyone should.


Today #281

Tomorrow is Gunma Day in this prefecture: it’s a holiday for students and some working people. I asked a 7 year old what tomorrow was: he said it was Gunma’s Birthday. I asked how old Gunma was: he thought about it for a while and answered, “2011 years old, but maybe that’s the whole world.




Guns are illegal in Japan.



target 2


I bet these people are happy about that.

“Hey! stop throwing bullets against the side of the house!”


note: there should be better target regulations over here.

double note: archery does have its good points.

triple note: people shouldn’t shoot at “moving” targets: they are so sad and make me cry.

quadruple note: “Hello World hear the song that we’re singing! C’mon get trigger happy!”