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Food Etiquettion


My sister used to eat all the food on her plate systematically clockwise.

She’d eat all the potatoes, then the sausages, then the peas, …

It drove my mother crazy.

I started eating all my food systematically counterclockwise
… just to bother my sister.

I don’t know if that drove my mother crazy as well,
but our mother stopped making dessert for some reason.


note: I have no table manners … when I’m eating a burger while walking.

double note: if people are feeding off of you … you must have good table mannerisms.

triple note: I’m C’est la vie about French food, Que Sera, Sera about Spanish food,  … (come on! I know you can add to this list)

quadruple note: Fast Food is okay, but Faster Food would be an improvement … maybe.


what I’m listening to now #26: myself rambling internally.

The Last Man On Earth

sexy papa!


If I were the last man on earth, I’d probably be pretty happy about meeting this person …

until I found out there were still lots of women around!

It would be a tough situation to be in: I’m not good at ending relationships.


note: If I were the last person on earth …

1. I’d be hoping for Cornelius and Zira to show up in a rocket ship.

2. I’d touch everything with a “Do not touch” sign, except hot things.

3. I’d be glad that I hadn’t watched the “24” series earlier.

4. I’d keep the bathroom door open … maybe.

5.  I’d still drive around in my van.

6. I’d read the old entries on your blogs, but I wouldn’t comment.

7. I’d work less.

8. I might start getting a complex or something: especially if everyone had moved to the moon.

9. Table manners and personal hygiene might get a bit sloppy.

10. Reproduction could prove more difficult than now.

11. I’d probably be saying this like a mantra too: “Wormer, he’s a dead man! Marmalard, dead! Niedermeyer…


double note: the man in the image is Akihiro Miwa: singer/songwriter, TV personality, and spiritualist. Supposedly if you put his image on your cellphone, it’s good luck. You go first!