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Life giving water. Isn’t it amazing?

All living things need it, except me … right now … in my ear!

I’ve tried hopping on one foot, shaking my head to one side repeatedly, and jiggling my little finger around inside my plugged ear.

It’s not helping.

Maybe those things only work for the hiccups and constipation.

note: swimming ear plugs protect your ears from becoming plugged. ……..  Can you run that by me again? Ahh …. plugged by water. Gotcha.




If you are swimming, of all the different strokes the “Key Stroke” is probably the least effective.


note: If you can’t swim, you can always go in a carpool.

double note: photo from 2006 in Brazil. Yes, it’s cheesecake, but I like it anyway. As Jack Nicholson said, “Maybe, this is as good as it gets.”