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My mother washed my mouth out with soap for saying “bucket” once … or something like that.

I can’t remember what she used when I said it twice though.


note: if kids liked the taste of soap, what a perfect world that would be … for kids.

double note: I’m sure mothers would find an alternative to soap pretty quick: mothers are always full of alternatives … for altering kids’ behaviours.

triple note: nobody has invented a new swear word for a while … maybe longer words could be the answer.

quadruple note: ultimatums should be called ultimotherums … they seem to use them the most.


Today #196

Today was unseasonable … like something you can’t eat no matter what you sprinkle on it.

Swear Words


If there were a language that was made up entirely of swear words,

… I’m sure I’d be fluent in a week.


note: actually I don’t swear too much: I just like to know what everyone else is talking about.

double note: I travelled with a group of Aussies, Kiwis, and Americans in Europe. One of the American guys was writing down all the new slang he was hearing. One of the entries was:

fukal: nothing, no money, very little, sometimes sweet.

Eventually he figured it out.


Today #144

Today I saw an ostrich egg at a kindergarten I visit. People in Africa must have bigger eggtrays in their fridges than the rest of us … and probably only one egg omelettes.