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Things On Strings


Flying a kite and fishing are about the same;

you hold a spool of string … and nothing much happens after that.


note: wireless fishing and kite flying would be cool, but not very fun.


Today #213

Peter Falk died. Rest in Peace Columbo.

(I guess Mannix and Jim Rockford will sadly join him eventually)



It’s amazing what people weave with the threads of their lives.

Some people make dreamcatchers, nooses, tourniquets, hammocks,  fishing nets

I’m working on a very long yo-yo string myself.


note: I’d like to see an intricate tapestry when I view the past, but I can’t see past the giant ball of lint.

double note: fishermen are like boxers … they weave and bob.
(boxers: the guys in the ring, not the underpants)


Today #14

If I had a time machine, today would just be a tick on the clock as I zoomed somewhere else.





Birds can’t be very smart, if they continue to be fooled by scarecrows.


People can’t be very smart, if they continue to believe scarecrows are effective against birds.

Maybe if they drew a really mean face on the scarecrow, that might work better.




note: My mother used to shoot a few crows and hang them from our cherry trees.
Crows don’t like that for some reason.
Maybe they didn’t like the string my mother used to tie them up.