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I’m An Ass … Ass … In!


I guess you have to be Spanish to be a bandito;

… maybe I’ll try to be a ninja instead.


note: do I have to be Spanish to eat Cheetos? … or Freeto-lays … or Doritos?
I never knew so many potato chips were Spanish!

double note: there is probably a generation of people who associate ninjas with turtles for some reason.

triple note: stereotypes are those people with good stereos right?

quadruple note: putting an “o” at the end of the word makes me bilingual right?  I’m sure those banana benders are just called “Speed” in English speaking countries. … I could be wrong; I usually am.

quintuple note: I’d make a good Jackassassin.


Today #44

Today I realized that Meatloaf has been an important person in my life. I can’t say that for most foods.

Today’s note: I don’t know Meatloaf‘s real name, but he doesn’t know that my stage name is The Apple Sauce Boss … so I guess we are even.

Stereotypical Topography

... and why is Canada always pink??


I’m tired of being a Mountie or an Inuit on these maps! 

I can’t speak for people in the U.S.A., …  but they should have all  “The Village People” on their section at least, not just a couple.

I looked on an old map of North America* and there weren’t any of these things.
*(there were some Aztecs on Mexico though … but just a few)

I guess the old maps would have been too crowded with  little people wearing Native, Inuit, English, French, Dutch, Russian, Spanish, and ….   outfits.

… I’m glad they went back to their own countries and left North America to the North Americans. 

… but the Mountie an Inuit still bother me.


note: I’m doing my best to fit in to Japanese stereotypes.

I guess I'll stick to being a Mountie


double note: there should be a band called “The Global Village People” … I bet they’d rock! … and be dressed in amazingly clashing outfits!

triple note: on planetross people just dress … casually.
Foreplay is just called threeplay for some reason.

quadruple note: if I’ve offended anybody, I haven’t meant to: I was going for everybody. hee hee!