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Mist is foggerious.

… or something like that.


note: when I can see my breath on a cold day is that ex-hail?

double note: steam is just hot water with no attention span.

triple note: the right wrist is mildly better. I think I may blog about it next.


notes to myself #72

Hayley Mills made “The Parent Trap” 4 years before you were born: it’s not meant to be … let it go.
You’re not going to get together … yeah yeah yeah.

When I’m Not Blogging, I Possibly Visited … (Part 5)

 The Toilet! 

this toilet will self-flush in 5 seconds ... good luck planetross.

“Your mission, Planetross, should you decide to accept it,
is . . . to go to Shikoku and see if anyone is really there at all.
 As always, should you or any member of your P.R.
be caught or killed, the secretary will disavow
any knowledge of your actions. This toilet will
auto-flush in five seconds.”

You know Shikoku … one of the 4 main islands of Japan. If Japan was a band, Shikoku would be the bass player.

I freely admit my knowledge of Shikoku is spotty.
I know that: it’s kind of roundy on the map, it’s connected to Honshu by 3 bridges, it has 88 temples that you can visit, if you’ve got loads of time … and really like temples … and I’m not talkin’ ’bout those Shirley type ones … or those ones on your head.

I asked my co-pilot “don’t put me on your blog … unless I’m distorted and yawning” what Shikoku had to offer. She said, “it’s kind of roundy on the map, it’s connected to Honshu by 3 bridges, and it has 88 temples“.

She said she used to work with  someone from Shikoku once and they were nice, but sometimes arrived at work 5 minutes late.

After that scary story, I rolled up my window and locked the doors.

Nice Parking!

 On arrival, I could tell these Shikokuites were going to be a sarcastic bunch. I liked them immediately.

unfortunate work uniforms

They were a bit out of fashion though. But I could live with that because …

Super Deluxe Giant Bonsai Tree!

 they had giant bonsai trees  everywhere!!!!

With only one day to see anything, the decision was made to go to Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture.well that makes it easy

 It was a tough decision about where to go first:
Ritsurin Koen (not in the top 3 parks to visit in Japan, but an edgy contender to nudge out the top 3 and my garden),
Yashimaji Temple (#84 of the 88 big ones), 
Shikokumura (old building from around Shikoku).

We went Ritsurin Park first because it was nearest … and the other 2 attractions were close together about 5 km away … and we didn’t really care about them that much other than day fillers.

Ritsurin Koen (park)

Ritsurin Park was great: giant bonsai everywhere, little bridges conveniently located in areas between land, and even ice cream vendors!

I want this in my frontyard

Next stop was the Temple which was pretty good to wander around. All I remember about it was a surviving apple/cherry tree planted by some monk about 800 years ago. He wrote, “If someone asks ‘What tree is this?”, tell them ‘It is my tree.‘” … selfish bastard. 

After that I said stuff like:
If someone asks whose van is this? Tell them it is Ross’ van.
If someone asks whose gum this is? Tell them it is Ross’ gum.
If someone asks whose smell this is? Tell them it is the dog’s smell.


The sleeper attraction was definitely “Shikokumura”.

traditional replica vine bridge ... with steel cables in it

It started with a cool bridge.

that's a lot of soy sauce!

And then went on to produce a sugarcane farm building, a No theatre, old farmhouses, a very old soy sauce factory, ….

octopi pots

old fishing equipment stuff for catching octopuses … or octopi if you are being anal, and even a lighthouse which supposedly was erased from all Japanese maps during WWII because it was very important. I didn’t take a photo of it …  because why break tradition.

inspiration for Peter Gabriel's "Steam" possibly

During the evening I visited the longest covered shopping arcade in Japan; visited a nice bar/restaurant which had great seafood, but pretty crappy chicken, and  saw this little “Butaman” (pork dumpling shop) which reminded me of Peter Gabriel’s  “Steam“.

The next morning, it was back on the road with only one more stop before back home for rest … and an end to this serialized series.

Winnie the Pooh Truckin'

I’d like to say that I was at highspeeds when I snapped this big rig’s doll collection, but I think my mirror gives me away.

Another traffic jam!

another bridge on the horizon

Finally there was the bridge off of Shikoku … and a big Ferris Wheel!

Overall this one day trip to Shikoku was just a teaser. If I’m still blogging next year this time … or this year next time,  it will probably be about a return visit to Japan’s secret island and all the amazing stuff that is … Shikoku!


note: the last installment of this series is last … and next!   … and then it will be back to little short small tiny quick fast speedy stuff … hopefully.

double note: little short small tiny quick fast speedy stuff actually takes more thinking than these big long tall lothargic gigantic loquatious lengthy big things.



Stuff On Cakes And Stuff

foggy misty and steamy!

What do people call “icing” or “frosting” in really warm countries?

Fog?   Mist?   Sunblock?   Mirage?


note: If it’s a really warm country, sugar coating is out too!

double note: Are snow flakey pie crusts possible?

triple note: In ice hockey the puck gets iced a lot, but I still wouldn’t want to eat it.