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Shady Business


A 3D-silhouette would be pretty cool!


note: a statue of a statue’s shadow would be cool too!

double note: When is my shadow the shortest? … when I’m pissed off probably!
… that’s usually zenith for me.


Today #253

Today at the onsen (hotspring bath), I used the grapefruit body soap and the milk based shampoo: my neck curdled.

Torrential Sunshine


Weather and I have come to an agreement:

it does what it wants, and I don’t complain about it.

Weather or not I like it.


note: why isn’t there “push-up underwear” to make a guy look like he’s got a chest instead of a gut? … I don’t really care; I’m just wondering … or wonderful … or something like that.

double note: a wonder-ring sounds better than a wonderingworm.

triple note: why do I imagine those statues holding pizza boxes?


Today #229

Today I threw out the extra set of shoelaces that came with some shoes that I can’t remember ever having. Black shoelaces??? It’s a mystery.

Meeting Points


I’ll meet you by the bums outside the train station.


note: I wonder if this statue ever gets toilet papered as a prank.

double note: I thought this was a tree, but then I noticed that there were no limbs.


notes to myself #108

You like taking photos of statues for some reason.

Yogurt Vandalism

 yogurt or something in excretiating pain?


I thought a bird shit on my van, but after tasting it … I realized it was just bad yogurt.


note: there’s possibly someone out there flinging yogurt on people’s cars … and statues maybe.

double note: the misuse of dairy products is happening dairily … or daily … or something like that.

triple note: I have a milk bone to pick with these vandals … or possibly I just have a wish bone to pick with them.

quadruple note: this one is on time earlier than usual. It’s Mr. Badger’s Birthday tonight, so I think there may be a beer or two hoisted … because we don’t have any flags … and you can’t get a beer buzz off of a  flag. I’m sure we will be flagging later on though … and then we will go home.



I Am So Demotivated Now!