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Logging And Blogging


Posts are from logs
Posts are from blogs

“How many?” requires
Pollsters and surveyors

To make polls about postings
Make poles out of post things


Enter statistics
On memory sticks
Print their findings
On things that need bindings.


note: a little blog cabin in the cyber wood be nice.

(no that isn’t a typo)

double note: I have a totem stick.

triple note: I rhyme loosely … don’t think of me obtusely.

quadruple note: the guy in the photo is a snowman tamer … or is possibly trying to wake that lazy snowman up.


notes to myself #136

Your strengths and weaknesses are very far apart … sadly.

Lightning Lottery



Statistically a person has more chance of getting hit by lightning than winning a big lottery.

That makes sense.

I don’t think too many people are buying those “hit by lightning” tickets.

note: I bet getting hit by lightning is the easiest thing in the world; probably most victims don’t even try.

double note: I think I got hit by thunder once.

triple note: I went to a “Mexican Wave” pool: my arms got sore, but I didn’t get very wet.


World Map of Happiness

Information from World Map of Happiness by Adrian White.

Those damn Danish!!
I guess having a tasty breakfast food named after you, the little mermaid, and lots of bicycles makes one happy!!

The 20 happiest nations in the World are:
1 – Denmark
2 – Switzerland
3 – Austria
4 – Iceland
5 – The Bahamas
6 – Finland
7 – Sweden
8 – Bhutan
9 – Brunei
10 – Canada
11 – Ireland
12 – Luxembourg
13 – Costa Rica
14 – Malta
15 – The Netherlands
16 – Antigua and Barbuda
17 – Malaysia
18 – New Zealand
19 – Norway
20 – The Seychelles

Other notable results include:
23 – USA
35 – Germany
41 – UK
62 – France
82 – China
90 – Japan
125 – India
167 – Russia

The three least happy countries were:
176 – Democratic Republic of the Congo
177 – Zimbabwe
178 – Burundi