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One Step Ahead … Sounds Like A Split Enz Song


Don’t worry if someone is always one step ahead of you

… it just means you should arrive at the movie theatre  a bit earlier next time.


note: some people who are a step ahead of me have longer staircases … or smaller steps maybe.

double note: people who live on one floor don’t stare well … or something like that.

triple note: yes, I do have an Asahi Super Dry Beer banner in my staircase. I consider it art because it hangs on the wall.



When I look up at the night sky, I think …
 “People don’t draw stars very accurately.”


note: I would wonder “Why am I here?” when I look at the stars, but I’m sure enough other people do that “I wonder why planetross is here?” stuff already. hee hee!

 double note: if everyone in the world did this, I may start to feel a bit paranoid.

triple note: I only feel paranoid when I’ve had a few drinks: I’m imparanoid then.

quadruple note: paranoid people are parannoying.


Today #81

On a nice sunny day like today, the stars are the furthest thing from my mind … and a lot further than the sun technically.
(I know the sun is a star, but nobody draws it star-shaped, so it doesn’t count)

A Bad Striving Record

stairing into space


We are always told to try and live up to our full potential;

… but what does potential have to live up to?


note: I’ve been navel grazing again.

double note: if I reached my full potential, I’d probably be the ruler of the known universe … or disappointed … or something.

triple note: “impotential” sounds like something I don’t want to reach for.

quadruple note: I’m sure if we all reached our full potential there would be another hoop appearing ready to be jumped through.


notes to myself #34

KISS eventually take off their make up! … and then they put it back on a lot later … but it’s still really cool!  You eventually go to one of their concerts too!
I won’t say when … it’s a surprise.