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Going Green


It’s the same rule for real estate agents as for chiropractors: “dislocation, dislocation, dislocation.”


note: I guess this coffee house doesn’t have to worry about painting … pruning maybe … but definitely not painting.

double note:Pssst. Got any weeds?

triple note: sure Starbucks says they are a Green company, but this place looks a lot Greener than them.

quadruple note: I’m going Gangrene, I think that will help the world.


Today #217

Today was deleted.

Suicide Coffee Please


7 years ago I went into a Starbucks in Japan and ordered a coffee of the day.

I proudly said in Japanese, “jisatsu no kohi onegaishimasu”.
Translated I said, suicide coffee please.
The correct words for today’s coffee is honjitsu no kohi.
The woman who took my order gave me the coffee of the day with a straight face.
20 minutes later I ordered another suicide coffee; I got my coffee of the day with a straight face again.
I love Japan.

Shopping Centres

I drove to a big shopping centre in the next city on the weekend.

Not because I had anything to buy, but because I had nothing more exciting to do.
I did go with a couple of friends, who had nothing to do as well; not sure if that makes it any better.
I did find, and buy, a few wind-up toys that were mildly interesting. You know, those little toys that you wind-up and they march around on a table top.

While walking around and basically just looking at women between wind-up toy purchases, one of my friends asks,”Didn’t we have anything better to do today?

Nope” I replied.

And then we went to Starbucks.

Coffee of the Day

I was in Starbucks the other day.

There were about 20 people in line. All had ordered and all were waiting for their coffee.

I ordered the coffee of the day and the till person went and got it for me right away.

Doesn’t anyone drink regular coffee when they go to Starbucks?

note: If I order yesterday’s coffee, do I get a discount?