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Auditory Footimprinting


They removed the carpet from the stairs at work: it was worn out and looked pretty bad.

For 10 years I trained my ears to know who exactly was coming down the stairs by the sound, gait, speed, and rhythm of their steps. 

Now, … I don’t know who is coming down the stairs!

I’m back to step one again.


note: some people don’t like the bare look … they may start a carpetition!

double note: why aren’t marbles made of marble?

triple note: yes, I work in the basement. … on days when I feel low it’s a debasement.


what I’m listening to now #7:  U2 … but only the good songs.

One Step Ahead … Sounds Like A Split Enz Song


Don’t worry if someone is always one step ahead of you

… it just means you should arrive at the movie theatre  a bit earlier next time.


note: some people who are a step ahead of me have longer staircases … or smaller steps maybe.

double note: people who live on one floor don’t stare well … or something like that.

triple note: yes, I do have an Asahi Super Dry Beer banner in my staircase. I consider it art because it hangs on the wall.

The Stairs



When I do routine stuff I do it the same way every time; grab something with the same hand, hold a door open with the same foot, fold clothes the same way.  
But … when I walk up my stairs, I always seem to get to the top landing on a different foot. One time left, next time right.

I think I’m bi-pedal or something.


note: having a “disorder” must be chaos.

double note: I’m randomly systematic disordinarily.