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Animal Sporting

monkey looking for a marching band

If animals played sports, there would have to be a lot of rule changes.


note: having chimps play the cymbals in marching bands might be a little too much.

double note: “ok! it’s the last play of the game and we are a yard from the endzone. Let’s hand it off to Jumbo … like we always do.”



Magic Numbers

Standardization makes life easier, but why these numbers for these things?

88 keys on a piano: why not 90 or 100?

6 strings on a guitar: sure there are 12 string guitars too, but why not 7 or 8 string guitars?

9 players on a baseball team: what’s up with that short stop?

11 players on a soccer team: why not 10, 12, or 15?

4/5 forward gears in a regular car: I’d like 6, and maybe 2 reverse gears too.

2 plug-ins on electrical wall outlets: I always wish there were more. 4 would be nice.

28 days in February: can’t the other months share a few days to even things out?


Scoring in tennis: love, 15, 30, 40, deuce, ad in, ad out.

There are some traditions worth keeping, and then there is confusion and insanity.

The All-ympics


Are the Olympics the biggest private club in the world, or what?

It’s suppose to be a world sporting event, but most of the world’s popular sports are excluded. By popular I mean, watched on TV or have a fanbase of more than 100 people outside of the participants.

I guess the speedwalkers and pole vaulters lobby strongly against letting in popular sports.

The Olympics should open the floodgates and let all sports compete. Let’s have a truly global sporting spectacle: X-games, darts, off-road racing, logger sports, highland games, Inuit sports, marbles, sports card scrambles, buck-buck…. everything!

Who cares how many medals are given out; or that one country wins every medal in one event because they are the only country who play that sport.

It would have to be better than it is now.

Two words: synchronized diving.

note: I’m just mad because there is no “individual” synchronized swimming event.

Sports Towels

Bath Towel: big towel used to dry off after baths or showers.
Hand Towel: all purpose small towel used to dry hands and anything else in a pinch.
Paper Towel: made of paper and used to clean up stuff (disposable).
Dish Towel: used to dry dishes, utensils, pots, pans, and glasses.
Beach Towel: used at the beach and very similar to a bath towel.

Sports Towel: all purpose small towel used to dry hands and anything else in a pinch.

Wait a minute.
Isn’t that just a hand towel?

I can’t think of any sport that requires a towel.
A towel used to wipe off sweat, sure; but sports are not the sole domain of sweat.
Someone gardening, working on their car, outside on a hot day, seriously out of shape, or someone who naturally just sweats a lot uses one of those towels as often as someone involved in sporting activities.

There are already a lot of regular everday products being sold under the sports label: cars, socks, drinks, deodorant, watches,….

Now the towel?

It does sound better than hand towel though.

Let me just sit on my sports sofa in my sports slippers, have some after-sport whiskey, and think this over somemore.