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Mental Patience


Mental Telepathy Checklist

1. Bend Spoon with Mind … or head.   check!

2. See Ghost … total chick flick.   check!

3. Read People’s Thoughts … about what a jerk I am for farting. … check!

4. Mind Control/Brainwashing … daily with strong shampoo.   check!

5. ESP … N.   check!

6. Reading Cards without seeing them … December … mmm Christmas card: January … mmm Birthday card.: February … mmm Valentine’s Day card.   check!


note: thank you to Mr. Pettit for taking time out of his busy day to take photos of me with spoons on my eyes.

double note: no spoons were harmed during this post … and were washed more thoroughly than the ones I put in my mouth … or my mouth.


what I’m listening to now #20: the Reg Dunlop Slapshot pep talk speech.

Utensil Trays

Is it just me, or are plastic utensil trays, found in most kitchen drawers, a piece of crap.
They universally seem to be not long, wide, or big enough.
Between forks, knives, and spoons; something doesn’t fit properly.

Someone should have figured out and fixed this flawed design by now!

Come on plastic tray maker people, pull you plastic fingers out of your plastic asses and smarten up.