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Fersonality And Peatures


I wish I was a bit fatter, balder, and in a bitter mood most of the time.


… and had SpellCheck.


note: no matter what those caricature people do, they can’t make me look funny for some reason.

double note: I bet SpellCheck is only classified as a word that is spelt correctly, if you use SpellCheck.


Today #39

Today unfolded like a stiletto knife.



I have a friend.
He’s not a good speller.
He knows this.
When he writes something on his computer, he uses SpellCheck.

It doesn’t seem to work.

When he sends me something, I can usually spot a few terribly mangled words.

I let him know that there are spelling errors.

He questions me.
“Are you sure? I used SpellCheck. Are you sure syphilis isn’t spelt sifilus? I used SpellCheck.”

I went to his house last week. We were looking at something on his computer. I noticed his SpellCheck button.
It said SpelCzech.

I guess he shouldn’t have bought that cheap Mc N’Tosh computer.

I told him to buy the HooLit Picard, but he wouldn’t listen!