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Planes And Boats And Trains



Singers sing about cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, boats, rockets, planes, helicopters, trains, buses, subways, balloons, bicycles, unicycles, skateboards, rollerskates, horses, and even Segways (Weird Al Yankovic)

… but no one ever sings about stilts.

Songwriters can’t be blamed for this oversight really:

the best rhyme that goes with “stilts” is “kilts”

… and stilts and kilts don’t really work too well together in my experience.



note: photo taken by Kelly Pettit … while we were being shopping mauled the other day.

double note: when I saw this photo it made me realize why I usually drive on the inside of my van.


Today #95

I’m washing my stinky slippers today.
The ones I don’t wear at all never stink!
It’s a mystery!




It’s amazing how the mind works: millions of connections relaying, processing, and storing information.

One word can trigger a whole cascade of knowledge or feelings about a certain subject … or many different subjects loosely related or not related at all.

I guess songwriters try to include words in their songs that will stir up certain images for as many people as possible. 
… but sometimes a word in a song just becomes a trigger that makes me think of a certain song.

Is there a special song you think of when you hear the word “motoring“?


note: I’m just curious.

double note: I just wrote all that other crap to get to the question.

triple note: there might be few more entries before and after this one.


notes to myself #86

You don’t like going to the doctor … try to pinpoint when and why this is the case.