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Ironing In A Wrinkly Shirt


It’s ironic that the definition of “irony” doesn’t include

describing the qualities or characteristics of iron“.


note: usually I have a poem with a snowman photo, so …

laughing at an ant’s antic
or a pan’s panic
could make a man manic.

double note: I see I may get an icy response to the “ic” post.

triple note: past poetic endeavors … and snowmen are here.

quadruple note: the poems are usually short … because I’m no Longfellow.


what I’m listening to now #17: Keith Richards … I don’t know what he’s saying, but the songs are good.



 I saw a snowman in a box.
I think that he was dead.
I couldn’t bury him in the ground.
I’ll wait for Spring instead.


note: snowflake to snowflake, water to water.

double note: I seem to be doing some time-lapse posting … a week has lapsed since the last entry.

triple note: the other snowman poetry is over here:


Today #346

Today I wasn’t so “bold” … because doing “bold/italicizing” stuff seems on the fritz over here at the moment. 

Lazy Snowman


I thought a “planking” snowman might be funny
… and I had nothing else to do today.

But …

later in the day, Mr. Pettit  came by and found this a bit disturbing for some reason: maybe he doesn’t like orange.

So I fixed it up,

… after he left.

Sundays are pretty productive around here.


note:People know that nothing rhymes with orange
          probably from the day that they are bornge

double note: people are doing weird things out there to entertain themselves.


Today #338

Today was violently mellow … or disturbingly peaceful.



Margerine And Butter


I cannot tell the one from the udder,

when it comes to margerine and butter.


note: no one ever margerines up people.

double note: all the other snowman poetry is here.


Today #335

Today I wondered if there was a Four Seasons Hotel on the Equator.

Proof Of Fire … Or Something Like That


“flammable” and “inflammable”
are quite inunderstandable.


note: “combustible” and “incombustible” are more trustable.


Mean Things I Say About People #5

If I didn’t talk behind your back, we’d never talk at all.



I could be wrong,
But I’m pretty sure:
Snowmen are classified using a
Binomial Snomenclature.


note: Snomo Sapien?

double note:Can you tell me about plants and animals?
                               ” Sorry, that information is classified.


Today #114

Today I only had time to make a snowbaby.
Hey! I was pretty busy!



Coal doesn’t seem to be used as much as it used to be.

I guess not that many people are making snowmen anymore.


note: Old King Coal was a merry old sole ???

double note: I wonder if Superman‘s Fortress of Solitude has been affected by global warming.


Today #36

Today was “No Pain: A Little Gain



Your belly button is really an afterbirthmark.


note: a belly button is a navelty of sorts.

double note: why do people put so many belly buttons on snowmen?

triple note: people born without any birthmarks must get marked up later I guess.


Today #6

Today was like watching paint not dry.



I guess to albinos everyone else is just a “pigment of their imagination”.

note: Is “furmentation” when you are born with fur?   Or does it have something to do with grapes and stuff?

double note: Why are all snowmen albino?

triple note: planetross is off for a 3 day weekend and won’t be posting. Bet you thought I’d gone nuts with 5 posts all together! Have a good weekend. See you next week.

quadruple note: WordPress went weird with the post “Googling“. It’s out of order from the others for some reason. Check it out! I like that one.