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Can You Dig It?


Shoveling snow is like gardening … sometimes a  bumper crops up.


note: I’m glad you have a new laptop Tony.


Things I’ve Seen With My Own 2 Eyes # 9:

snow-blindness: … I think you can see that.

Now There Is Snow … And Later There Will Be Slater … I Think That’s How It Works


It snowed so much I had to unshovel my snow shovel … before snow shoveling.


note: woo hoo! Snow Day!!! … ah crap it’s my regular day off.

double note: if the human body is about 60% water, does that mean Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire were 60% tap water.

triple note: this was in the morning … and this is what things looked like in the late afternoon.


what I’m listening to now #3: my kerosene heater.



I remember one year, as a kid, when it snowed snowballs a lot!

That was the year I wasn’t very popular maybe.


note: if I had hindsight back then, I would have known who was throwing those snowballs and behindsighting me.


Today #228

Today wasn’t payday. … bummer.



Snow and slugs both disappear when you put salt on them;

… they must be made of the same thing.


note: no one makes snow-slugs anymore for some reason.

double note: I put MSG on a slug, but it just got a headache.

triple note: maybe people just call it “melting” when they put salt on snow and ice … because then children won’t cry … or ask for a lot of salt.

quadruple note: I think … once salt has been put on snow, it attracts animals who unintentionally eat all the snow while eating the salt.
The animals that unintentionally eat slugs while eating the salt must be really really really small … because I never see them with my naked eyes.

quintuple note: are there Dead Sea slugs?


notes to myself #168

You don’t use salt very often; only on cucumbers, when boiling pasta, or if a recipe specifically mentions it.


Snow Train Coming


Snow is like chocolate pudding: children like it, but it’s difficult to drive in.


note: that train almost hit me while I took the photo! … well not really … but I’m sure it must have done something bad to be taken out of service.

double note: Snow Day! Snow Day! … ah crap it’s a holiday anyway.

triple note: hey! I’m back! … for a few days before being … “not back” again for a few more days!

quadruple note: I finally found that hidden track on The Clash’s “London Calling“. It’s called “Train in Vain” and is really good!



Scoop, Scrape, and Relocate

Shoveling snow is fun.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to do it for a living, or for more than an hour or so.

But I like grabbing the shovel, scooping up a big patch of snow, and relocating it.

Some people like to make a path and then slowly widen it one strip at a time.

Some people are messy shovelers: they leave odd chunks of snow here and there.

They probably do a bad job eating corn on the cob too!

I’m a borders person: I dig the outline of the area I want cleared, and then proceed to eliminate the snow within the border.

I like piling up snow too: I’ve got a few good miniature mountain ranges in my front yard now!

I’m not weird about it: I don’t name my miniature mountains!

Big Decisions

If I had to choose between watching paint dry or snow melting,

I’d pick watching snow melt.

Because watching paint dry is boring.