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I’d be a good “curator”.

“The person died. This is not a good cure.”


note: “To preserve (meat, for example), as by salting, smoking, or aging.”
I’m curing myself right now! … through all 3 methods.

double note: the cure to driving straight is adding a “v”.


Today #214

I was threatened all day today … by rain.
… but it was an empty threat.




Don’t mess with me man!

If it wasn’t for my oddly shaped matchstick head, I’d be in the Fantastic Four!


note: The makers of this sign are blowing everything out of proportion; especially the proportions.

double note: Can I put this on my CV/resume as a skill?

triple note: lighters are heavier than matches.

quadruple note: ban fire if that’s how you feel.



My Lighter Just Died

My lighter just died.It still had lots of flint, but its fuel ran out.
It was just a freebie they give you when you buy a carton of smokes, but some lighters are more special than others.
I become attached to some. Usually longevity and reliability are the key factors for becoming attached to a lighter.
Some crap out after a day or too, some get left behind somewhere, some are untrustworthy. With the latter ones, I usually keep them in my van as backups.

The good ones seem to last forever. I’ve had lighters that have worked for a month after my naked eye couldn’t detect any fuel in them!

There should be a Hall of Fame for good lighters!