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They elect a new Pope here everyday.


note: I’ll have to seclude myself and look inward to find a joke about conclave and concave.

double note: playing with matches at a match factory is probably a no no.

triple note: I’ve been noticing a lot of wood factories lately: logs must be in season.


notes to myself #139

Choose your routines wisely.

Smoke Detectors

I'm all out of t.p.; I'm going to the store.


I tested my smoke detector to see if it worked.

The chewing tobacco didn’t set it off, so it must be okay.


note: sticking 15 or 20 smoke detectors up someone’s chimney has always been a dream of mine. I’m cruel like that sometimes.

double note: The man is holding a smoke detector over the fire. I don’t draw so good sometimes always.





I don’t think it’s a good idea to “blow smoke up someone’s ass“.

Second hand smoke is bad for you!

Everyone knows that!





note: Who smokes by people’s asses anyway?