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Does “Slim To None” Mean “Slim To All”?


I’ve never found a diamond in the rough,

… but I’ve found a few golf balls there!


note: actually, I don’t golf as much as I’d dislike to.

double note: I could find a needle in a haystack … with a match and a metal detector.


Today #337

Today I slapped on my slippers. Why aren’t they called “slappers“?
They kind of slap on the floor and aren’t too slippery really.

Smelly Slippers

I got slippers for Christmas. I’m quite surprised that the person found some that actually almost fit me.

They are nice and warm; comfortable; and extremely appreciated.


They make my feet sweat.  I wear socks in them now; and that helps a bit.


They still stink. I’ve bought spray and have been dousing them regularly.It helps a bit.


I still can’t wait for Spring and non-slipper wearing weather.