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The Whybrid

Here is a question for resident wind expert Prairie Flounder over at
 Sky Fishing :

Would a car with special high-tech pinwheels/whirly-gigs on it be able to create enough energy to run the car?

As soon as a car starts moving, all those things would be working non-stop.

It makes sense to me, but that’s not saying much.


note: maybe Bob Dylan was right, “The answer is blowin’ in the wind.


notes to myself #197

Growing up and getting older are two very different things.

I’ll Be Bark!

I'll be bark!


The Terminator has a dog?
How unbelievable is that?

That’s just so phoney!

Everyone knows the Terminator loves cats!


note: it must be a SkyeNet Terrier

double note: I had to research that first “note“. Do I win a prize?

triple note: I was interviewed by Prairie Flounder  over at
Sky Fishing. If you’re interested … or not … check out his cool blog

quadruple note: the interview link is the “interested” one.



What’s In My Head At The Moment

Here are a few ideas that are floating around in my head at the moment and might make it on to the blog in some form or another in the near future.


note: thanks to Prairie Flounder over at Sky Fishing  for doing a Wordle on his site,  prometheuscomic for giving me the idea of a sneak preview, and Kelly Pettit  who walked me through the process of “screen capture” over the telephone system with no wires.