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Important Purchases


I went to a big Shopping Centre in the next city yesterday. I didn’t need to buy anything; I was just bored. 

Before I went, I did knock on all my friends’ doors to see if they could come out to play, but their wives or kids told me they were busy, at work, or in trouble.

I wandered around in the air-conditioning, had lunch at the food court, and realized that I seriously needed to find something better to do on Sundays.

I did buy another wind up toy which is pretty neat, but the peanut and bone erasers were the big find of the day.


note: someday I’m going to be at a flea market sitting on the ground selling all this stuff, just like the Thai guy selling amulets over at razzbuffniks blog.



Shopping Centres

I drove to a big shopping centre in the next city on the weekend.

Not because I had anything to buy, but because I had nothing more exciting to do.
I did go with a couple of friends, who had nothing to do as well; not sure if that makes it any better.
I did find, and buy, a few wind-up toys that were mildly interesting. You know, those little toys that you wind-up and they march around on a table top.

While walking around and basically just looking at women between wind-up toy purchases, one of my friends asks,”Didn’t we have anything better to do today?

Nope” I replied.

And then we went to Starbucks.