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The Sweetest Things #1


Of everything I’ve learnt over the years … solving the shoe mystery is one of the sweetest.


note: wordpress  is having a video contest for things people are thankful for. I don’t have a video camera to be thankful for this year, but …
I thought I’d just throw some things I’m thankful for out there.

double note: Do people who don’t wear shoes screw up when they finally have to put a pair on? … just wondering.

triple note: the “underwear dilemma” still causes problems on dark days.


notes to myself #66

You master most of the childhood things: shoes on the right feet, telling time, shoelaces, bicycles, …
You will never be able to do the gap-toothed spitting thing though. sorry.

The Blue Monkey #9


The Blue Monkey predicts:

In our lifetime  shoelaces will become obsolete.

However, children will still be laughed at for not being able to fasten their velcro straps.



The blue monkey is a lesser oracle who predicts what may happen, not what will happen. He has studied many different disciplines on his path to enlightenment, including: using ouija boards, reading horoscopes, counting cherry pits, blowing out birthday candles, opening fortune cookies, pulling wishbones, watching Kung Fu reruns, listening to the weatherman, twisting apple stems, and shaking the Magic 8 Ball. All behold the blue monkey!

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