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Inner Monologue


Shakespeare probably had an inner soliloquy.


note: having an inner pantomime would be annoying.

double note: my inner monolog is sappy pine.

triple note: my inner monologue’s voice is computerized and says, “Your life is ajar.


Today #61

I hope it’s a yippidee doo da day today.

“R” Rated Months

Lake Chuzenji near Nikko


the world’s mine oyster

… but I don’t think there’s been an “R” in a month for a while.


note: wearing a pearl necklace is basically the same as wearing a kidney stone necklace.

double note: pearls are irritating.

triple note: I’m still not sure if it’s the oysters that are an aphrodisiac … or the tequila shots that go with them.

quadruple note:  quote from “The Merry Wives of Windsor/Act II Scene 2 by someone called William Shakespeare.

quintuple note: the photo has nothing to do with anything … unless you’re a conspiracy theorist … then I’m sure you’ll find some connection.



On Stages



All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages.

As You Like It  act 2 scene 7  Shakespeare


If everyone is on the stage, then who’s in the audience?

… unless the people in the audience are part of the play as well.

Who’s buying tickets to this and how do I get paid?

note:  this Shakespeare guy is really hard to read sometimes.

double note: Does someone own the rights to Shakespeare’s works or is it a case of tough luck for being born before copyright laws? Today everyone is no Shakespeare!

triple note: only seven stages!!!! what a rip off!!!!


The Bee

I'm not farting! It's natural!

As I sat in the outdoor hotbath, a bee flew into the pool.

It madly beat its wings in a desperate attempt to escape back in to the sky.

As the only witness to the bee’s life and death struggle, I had a choice to make: I could do nothing and watch it die, or I could rescue it.

I chose to rescue it.

I carefully scooped it out of the water and lay it in the sun.

It dried itself, flew into the next hotbath pool, and died shortly after.

It really is a question of “to bee or not to bee” for all living things.

For this bee, it was “not to bee”.


note: Being a native in an old Tarzan movie really is Shakespeare!

double note: Who bee’d in the pool?

triple note: I hope in its last few seconds of consciousness the bee thought, “I don’t think that guy is going to come over here.

quadruple note: What a has been!





What are you worth as hamburger or steak?


As hamburger: at 98 cents per 100 grams about $852.60 U.S.

As steak: at $2.48 per 100 grams about $2,157.60 U.S.

I’ll stick to grinding the numbers for now.

note: maybe someone can make a widget for blogs about this! That would be useless too!

double note: I think using the pound as currency would have been more appropriate.

triple note: I know there are bones and other stuff worth less, but some parts are worth more. It probably evens out. I was just looking for a medium figure here.

quadruple note: who ya calling chicken?

quintuple note: Hey! That tickles!


2 Letter Words


Do you know why there aren’t more 2 letter words in English?

Because the “Periodic Table of the Elements” is hogging a lot of the possible 2 letter combinations.

It’s not right!

Shakespeare wrote amazing stuff with the limited supply of 2 letter words available:

To be or not to be


Imagine how much more incredible he could have been if he had had a larger selection of 2 letter words to work with:

 Ag ru ge cu?

Ar ne fe pu,

Mo ba lu la ni ca.

Ac tu ti te os ga!


The Periodic Table by any other name would still be a pain in the ass.

note: If I go on the Science Diet am I an Atomic Weight Watcher?