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Do you have secrets?

I have a few, but nothing that will send me to jail … or will repel friends too much.

I think people need a few secrets. It makes things interesting.

Secrets are interesting.

I want to know other people’s secrets, but I don’t want to share mine.

I’m secreting, but am interested in other people’s secretions … except for gob and puke and stuff.


secret note: I wrote this post while 3 or 4 sheets to the wind … whatever that means. … I don’t know how far the wind is away from me.

secret double note: if you don’t get the things I write, the things you find while hovering over the photos, the notes, or the tags … it’s not a problem. I just do those things because I like to do them … and some things don’t make sense anyway.

morning after note: I had every intention of deleting this post this morning, but I’ll leave it up … and go find some aspirin now.


Today #173

Today was not as good as tonight: there was a Canuck’s game … and they won again.
(I’m a Canucks ice hockey fan, but that’s a secret.)



“I’ve got a secret!

But I can’t tell you what it is because then it wouldn’t be a secret anymore.”

Is it human nature to want to share a secret with someone so you can get mad at them after they share your secret with others?

Or is it something else?

“Okay. I will tell you my secret if you promise not to tell anyone else in the whole wide world.

My secret is … ‘I don’t have any secrets that I’m going to tell you.’

note: Does “www. something” stand for “whole wide world”?

double note: Diary companies really do need to improve the security features on their products. That little lock is pathetic.