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Rock, Paper, Scissors


Do you remember that kid that used to try and bullshit everyone by using “Dynamite” during a “Rock, Paper, Scissors” game?

I wonder what ever happened to him.

I think he’s being ousted by a mob right now.


note: I can be topical sometimes, but I’m usually bottomical.

double note: that first note sounds kind of kinky … I wish there was a different word for not being topical. Stupid made up words!!!


Today #137

I calmventilated through most of today.

The Crow




Outside the ice cream shop, I saw a big crow struggling with a piece of plastic twine wrapped around its legs.

I tried to help it.

I threw it a pair of scissors and made a cutting motion with my fingers, but that didn’t help.

There was a happy ending though.

I bought an ice cream cone and got free chocolate sprinkles!

note: Can someone be hen-pecked to death?