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Total Recallections


If people had total recall of every memory stamped on their brain:

– School would be over very quickly.
– phone books could be shared between a lot of people.
– Lost and Found areas wouldn’t have so much stuff in them.
– saying “I forgot.” would be a crappier excuse than it is now.

-computer apps and memo books for remembering stuff would be gone.
-“belated birthday cards” wouldn’t be very popular.
– a lot of movies and tv shows would look very copied … more than they do now. “This is the same as episode 52 of The Rockford Files, episode 129 of Barnaby Jones, and episode 5 of Cannon!

– sports stats would only be for newbies.
– no one would make mistakes singing National Anthems … unintentionally.
– the jean jacket with the  patch on it saying “Don’t eat yellow snow“, that I left behind a rock on Mt. Rundle in Banff when I was 11 years old, wouldn’t still be behind that rock.

– déjà vu would be clinically verifiable.
– people would probably know exactly when they lost their memory.
– I would know exactly how many Big Macs I’ve eaten in my lifetime.
– memory sticks would still be popular.

– the rhetorical question “How many times have I told you … ” wouldn’t have to be uttered … “I’ve told you 34,094 times … ” would be more popular.
– grudges might last longer.
– trivial bets would have to be more trivial.
– being born would be kind of a weird memory.


… History would still repeat itself … because total recall wouldn’t mean people would be any smarter.

Remembering mistakes is different than learning from them.


note: I’m glad I don’t have total recall of all my memories … otherwise I would never snap my fingers, look skyward blankly with a furrowed brow, or slap my head.

double note:I remember everything I remember every little thing as if it happened only yesterday” … or maybe only a little stuff that happened yesterday … or I think happened yesterday possibly only a little.
(if you remember/know what record/song/artist that quote is from, please let me know. You’re only hint is Meatloaf on this one.)


Today #203

Today my morning consisted of sitting in a hotspring bath and buying a helium balloon: life’s tough like that sometimes.


When my sister was 8 years old, her school phoned and asked my mother to come and pick her up.

My mother was concerned, and hurried to the school.

She talked to the teacher and found out what the problem was:

The class had been talking about grandparents. At some time during the discussion my sister said her grandmother had died, and started crying uncontrollably.

My mother took my sister and left.

On the drive home my mother said, ” Gramma isn’t dead, you know that.”

My sister responded, ” Gramma Janes is”.

Our other grandmother had died 10 years before my sister was born!

My sister could have been an actor.

note: crying in class never got me a dayoff; just a schoolyard beating for being such a cry baby.

High School Reunion

Yes, it’s that time.
Wow! Has it been 25 years since High School?
I guess it has.

Did I go to the 10th reunion?
I was backpacking through Europe with a few friends.

Did I go the 15th reunion?
I was on a 20 month trip through Europe, New Zealand, Australia, and South East Asia.

Did I go to the 20th reunion?
I was working here in Japan.

Am I going to the 25th reunion?
Probably not.
Why break the tradition.

Anyway, I think my best friend enjoys giving everyone the news that I am far far away.

He probably tells them that I am fat, bald, and broke as well; but I can live with that.