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Halloween Part II



I’m glad Halloween happens during pumpkin season because …

it’s really hard to make a cherry scary.

And they are difficult to carve too!

Haunted Houses

I think everyone knows where a haunted house is.
The scary house with all those untraceable stories surrounding it: sitting empty for years collecting rumours while the paint fades.
When I was 18, and too young to get into the bars yet, my friends and myself explored local haunted houses.
In the first we just found an empty house with empty beer bottles, old Playboy magazines, and cigarette butts in the basement.

The second was at one time supposedly owned by a lady with no legs. Sure enough we found a rope hanging over the bathtub, so she could lower herself in!

The third was the scariest: out in the country, locked gate, and a 400 yard (meter) walk to the house. We checked the electricity meter to make sure no one had moved in recently. We broke a window (I’m not proud now) and went in.
The house was empty, except for a rolled up foamy mattress rolled up in a corner of one room.

What was inside the mattress?

An ax, a big knife, and a saw!!!

We ran away screaming like little girls being chased by spiders.