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Rock, Paper, Scissors


Do you remember that kid that used to try and bullshit everyone by using “Dynamite” during a “Rock, Paper, Scissors” game?

I wonder what ever happened to him.

I think he’s being ousted by a mob right now.


note: I can be topical sometimes, but I’m usually bottomical.

double note: that first note sounds kind of kinky … I wish there was a different word for not being topical. Stupid made up words!!!


Today #137

I calmventilated through most of today.

When I’m Not Blogging, I Possibly Visited … (Part 2)

Japanese Grand Slam Breakfast

 Hotel breakfasts in Japan range from simple to extravagant.
This one was pretty good; I had to cook that white fish … by myself! I thought I should’ve gotten a discount for that one.

A few types of fish; assorted Japanese pickles and mushroomy things, an orange wedge, a blob of egg, and a blob of tofu floating in some grass or algae or something. They had all you can eat rice and miso soup too … which I did … except it was more like all you can drink for the miso soup part.

If it looks like a big breakfast, it’s because there are 2 of them: someone sat across from me and watched me eat both.

Most of the rest of the rest of the places I stayed at either didn’t offer breakfast or had a “help yourself” to coffee, juice, bread, and rice type deal going on. I would have said all of the rest of the rest of the places had this “help yourself” style, but one didn’t … so I can’t.

Fueled up and ready to roll, I was off to the next destination:

Tōjinbō 東尋坊 , Fukui Prefecture

Wikipedia describes it as: “a series of surreal, eerie basaltic cliffs“.

Tōjinbō basaltic cliffs

I think the person who wrote that must have really liked them a lot and had a bigger vocabulary than me.

It was hard to get the “eerie” feeling with 1,000 other people standing all over the place. You just can’t see them in my photos because … I’m really good I guess. I bet I could take pictures at the Olympics and you wouldn’t even know there were any people there … or that the photos were of the Olympics either!


painting rocks!

If I had to write this one up in Wikipedia, I’d say “It was pretty cool in a day trip sort of way and it didn’t suck”.

more rocks

Tōjinbō is also a well-known place to commit suicide. According to statistics, as many as 25 people suicide off the cliffs annually. Recently, a retired police officer, Yukio Shige, began patrolling the cliffs and has so far convinced 129 people to not jump and seek help; he keeps in touch with every one of them to this day. (from Wiki)

See! I can be informative sometimes. So stay away from this place at night … unless you want some old cop talking to you and phoning you all the time afterwards.

Spot the Harajuku Girl

I spotted a Harajuku girl wobbling and teetering over the rocks. I guess sometimes Harajuku Girls  do travel.
You can take the Girl out of Harajuku, but you can’t take the Harajuku out of the Girl … I guess.

There were a lot of tourist shops selling seafood on sticks, possible art pieces made out of shells, and those toys that look like a ferret’s wrestling with a ball.concrete gray elephants

 This tombstone/lantern/giant elephant planter shop was a bit slow on the day I was there.

Where Ice Cream Cones go to die

 There was ice cream for sale too. I notice this dropped cone in the parking lot and wondered why the nearby crows weren’t fighting over it. Then I noticed a hawk/kite/thing that crows are scared of thing circling in the sky.

That bird was pretty fast: I was almost tempted to buy an ice cream cone and drop it in the parking lot so I could get a better picture of it. (the bird not the ice cream cone)

The crows swarmed in afterwards for the ice cream spoils. I tucked my spoon back in my pocket.


And then I was off to the next destination which was an 8 hour drive like a madman away.

No time for Obama on this trip
I passed by Obama even, but didn’t have time to stop in and say hello.


note: I ate a bunch of clams on a stick while observing the rocks. The clam on a stick seller said my Japanese was really good … until I said I’d lived here for 9 years. Then she kind of just wandered off and pretended to look like she was doing something important.



The House, The Tree, And The Rock

moving slowly


 I think these people are trying to move their house … very slowly.


note: if patience is a virtue, these people are very virtuous.

double note: actually they are bending the tree away from the carport area, but man they must really love that tree to put up with having to navigate the obstacle course they’ve created at their front door.



Like Prometheus, But Different



He used to have a happy face before the people bought a dog.


note: this rock is pretty cool sitting on the end of someone’s driveway. I bet the body looks amazing! I’m grabbing a shovel!!

double note: if you haven’t checked out the comic “Welcome to the miserable world of PROMETHEUS…” , you really should.
The link is also over in the blogroll on the right … near the bottom. It’s an alphabetical thing I guess.



Random “Ball Sport” Questions


1. Were the rules, playing fields, and spectator areas for sports with slightly expensive balls designed to  keep the fans from stealing them?      (soccer, football, rugby, basketball, and even Aussie rules)
Every time that net gets hoisted behind the uprights in football, it is saying “We do not trust you“.

2. Are baseball and cricket the only sports where the best thing to happen is for the ball to go out of play?
            Home Run!  Yeah!              A 6!  Hoorah! Bully!

 3. Are volleyball and tennis the only ball sports where the ball going in to the net is a bad thing?

4. Is golf the only ball sport where the ball is never out of play?
    This sounds like “empty lot kids’ ball game rules” to me.
    Golf balls are cheap too! Who invented this game?


note: planetross prefers ball sports with pucks and rocks.