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A Short Attention Span With A Zoom Lens


Some times things just come together unintentionally.

Other times people just do weird stuff for some reason.


note: I didn’t really know what this was until I uploaded the photo. It was just a hunch that it would be weird.

double note: Mr. Pettit  seems to think I take about 50% of these photos from my van. He’s a bit on the low side possibly.
When I  drive, I’m attracted to stuff like a crow to shiny things.


Today #312

I won a handmade hula skirt and floral hairpin yesterday at the big hula dance Christmas party I was invited to. After much consideration, today I decided to give them to one of my students’ mother who is a hula dancer.
(being the only guy in a crowd of 180 hula dancers, I was really hoping that my ticket number wasn’t going to be called.)